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Course Overview

Aerial Cinematography course equips you to take outstanding aerial imagery in High-End Quadcopter. The way our course is structured is with a good comprehensive content, perfect explanation of each topic with an illustration and hands-on flight training which will make you confident enough to fly individually.

This course will surely take you from beginner to professional drone photographer in a week. We will give the best drone photography techniques you need, to get very professional-quality photos and videos. Added, you will learn the basic drone control, drone safety, advance aerial photography with behind-the-scenes walkthrough of how to position, fly and capture your subjects in the best possible manner.

You will also be trained in DJI Simulator in different modes so that you are confident enough to fly it on the flying site. We also have our flying site next to our academy for hands-on flying training.

This course will be perfect for the one who wants to become skilled in the art of drone photography, master their drone settings for taking high-quality images, safely document their travel diaries in social media, turn this drone photography into a professional career and drone hobbyist.

Once you finish your AC course in our academy, you will be able to take professional shots and photos in your drone. You can even come to know the principles behind digital photography so that it helps you to apply unique ideas in your photo capturing skills.

This course is designed for filmmakers, content creators, and drone enthusiasts looking to take their cinematography to new heights.

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Why Should you Do This Course?

  • Hands-on Experience: Gain practical experience with advanced drone models and camera setups.
  • Guidance from Professionals: Learn from experienced cinematographers and drone experts.
  • Real-world Practical Exercises: Engage in exercises that teach you to capture cinematic shots in real-life scenarios.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow enthusiasts and professionals in the field.
  • Certificate of Completion: Receive a recognition of your expertise in aerial cinematography upon completion.
  • Elevate Filmmaking Craft: Take your filmmaking skills to new heights by mastering aerial cinematography.

Enroll in our Aerial Cinematography Drone Course today at and uncover the magic of crafting breathtaking cinematic moments from the sky.

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