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Welcome to DRONISM World ! Start your New Drone Adventures Today ! We Skywalk Drobotics Academy [SWAD] excited and thrilled to launch our first edition of Drone Championship for all Drone Lovers and Enthusiastic.  A new platform and an arcade to show case your Drone Art and Talent. Build your own drone that travel from source point (starting point) to destination point (ending point) crossing various hurdles. Compete in our Drone championship and earn yourself the bragging rights of being the best drone pilot. Bring out the engineer in you by designing the best stable drone. THE SWAD DRONE CHAMPIONSHIP will be a culmination of three rounds each of which will test the different aspects of your drone. Will your drone be able to survive this uphill battle and fly as high as Helios ? Please carefully go though our Game Format and Outlook. Call Us any time for any queries.

Game Format & Outlook
Drone Categories
  1. Mavic Series Mavic Pro Mavic Pro Platinum Mavic Air Mavic 2 Pro Mavic 2 Zoom
  2. Phantom Series Phantom 3 Pro Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 3 Standard Phantom 4 All Series

Level 1 – Assembling, Take off and Land and Repeat Level 2 – Weight lift and Drop Level 3 – Go through Obstacles Level 4 – Show your Piloting Level 5 – Photography Skills

Round #1: Qualifier Battle – Test for Drone’s Condition and your maneuvering capability 

Level 1 – Assembling, Weight lift and Drop,Take off and Land and Repeat Drone Pilot should Assemble Drone’s Propellers and Turn on then Connect GPS then Take off from Home Point then lift Small appropriate weight according to your Drone category from One point and drop it on Another Point. Repeat this for 5 times. land the drone on the finishing point.

Round #2: Semi Final Fight  – Prove your Ability

Level 1 – Go through Obstacles Drone Pilot Should should take off from the hand and go through All Hurdles on the Track and must do 5 Laps as same. land by Hand (Should catch on Hands safely) This is a Test for your Commanding ability through Remote Controller, Piloting Skills and Winner Will be decided on Points and time. This is a Test for your Piloting Skills and Winner Will be decided on Points and time.

Round #3: Final War – Chase & Dash for Pilots

Drone Pilot must do 8 basic Aerial Shots and record it. Shot 1 – SWAD FLY BY SHOT Shot 2 – SWAD ORBIT Shot 3 – SWAD HIGH PAN Shot 4 – SWAD REVEAL Shot 5 – SWAD FLY THROUGH Shot 6 – SWAD FOLLOW Shot 7 – SWAD SUPER DOLLY Shot 8 – SWAD PEDESTAL This is a Test for your Cinematography Skills and Winner Will be decided on Perfect shots and time.

SWAD Team & Event Committee 

The following people are heading this event and primary point of contact  for this Championship.

Miss. Vikashini HR & Event Co-Ordinator +91 9790211002
Mr. Suresh Narayanan COO & Event Director +91 8807527922
Mr. Sudhakar CSO & Event Manager +91 9986808620
Mr. Udhaya Kumar FPV Coach and Event Supervisor +91 8344161292


Team Participants , Kindly contact our Event Director for Team Registration Procedure.

Overseas Members
Mr. Ganesh Ramamoorthy CFO & Head of Event +13232417235
Mr. Vijaya Kumar CIO & Event Authority +971558551255

  For any enquirer please email us :

Rules & Regulations
  • No Age Limit.
  • The Drone Should NOT FLY above 15 feet High.
  • Drones Must be connected to GPS
  • Participants should bring their own drone and fly.
  • Only Mentioned DJI Drones are allowed.
  • Drone pilot cannot be changed during the course of the event.
  • Drone should be at good condition.
  • Drone and Battery must be checked by the team before entering into the round . Time is also counted for the exchange of battery with in the round.
  • Participants should bring the required spare parts.
  • Any failure of drone in the round is treated as disqualified for that particular round.
  • Drones cannot be exchanged with another team.
  • RTH Point is a must.
  • Event conveners reserve all the rights to disqualify in case of any misbehavior.
  • Complete Track and Guidelines will be published on the game event.
  • Judges Decision is the final decision
Terms & Conditions

To Know More About Game Rules, Everyone must Read terms and conditions in the link below

Must Read T&C –  Click here

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