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Small but effective, the AG-610 is our most compact Best Selling model. The AG-610 packs all-powerful Hardware & software with an HD FPV camera & Optional Obstacle avoidance - Terrain following sensor and Autonomous spray functionality into a smaller form factor. This platform is great for spot-spraying and can cover significant acreage.


Spraying Capability


AGRARIAN 610 Is an entry into the agriculture drone world. It’s mature in its flying and manages the crop spray very well.

  • Precise control
  • Strong shock resistance
  • Multiple redundant back-ups
  • Noise reduction and power saving
  • Attitude control
  • Dual CPU configuration
  • Backup power

The pilot needs to plan the field & flying according to the requirement of terrain/region, as it comes with basic avionics.
However, one can opt for obstacle & terrain radar sensors if their field demands.

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