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Company History

Skywalk Drobotics Academy, founded in 2018 by a group of passionate and dedicated young minds, is the result of careful planning and tireless efforts. It wasn’t born overnight, but from the collective vision and tireless discussions of visionary individuals who share an unwavering passion for drones and robotics.Brainstorming for days and nights, the dynamic minds behind the academy sought to create an environment where students in India could be introduced to the enchanting world of drones.

As we look back on our evolution, we’re reminded that every successful endeavor is built on a foundation of hard work, determination, and the courage to dream big. Skywalk Drobotics Academy isn’t just an institution, but a testament to what can be accomplished when passionate minds come together to create a better future.

Join us on this remarkable journey of exploration, innovation, and empowerment. At Skywalk Drobotics Academy, the legacy of our founders’ passion lives on, inspiring students to discover the limitless magic of drones and robotics.



We aspire to become an outstanding and recognized knowledge producing body in the field of Unmanned Drones & Robotics (STEM). We provide an excellent atmosphere where every individual is valued and aim to build a next generation of leaders to fulfill their dreams through the Experience of Beyond Learning.



The Mission is to create a community of young engineers focused on utilizing newer technologies to develop human-friendly and assisting devices. Our programs are focused on providing UAV training with 3D Mapping and Aerial Photography. Robotic offerings educate the students, photographers, farmers, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs who will learn and practice the use of the UAV systems in the future.


About Us

Skywalk Drobotics Academy is the First Drone Academy provide Drone Training in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, which also provides UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Training in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu’s Skywalk Drobotics Academy is the pioneering institute for drone education, offering both drone and UAV training. It is the First Drone Academy in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu.

Skywalk Drobotics Academy sets itself apart from other schools with its unparalleled commitment to offering a truly transformative and hands-on education. Step into the world of “Beyond Learning,” where practical experiences are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum.

Through the utilization of an unconventional, hands-on learning approach, students are given the opportunity to uncover foundational principles in a practical and experimental manner.

Exposing individuals to a diverse range of skills and concepts through an exciting and energizing learning process ultimately offers them the opportunity to engage.

Students at Skywalk Drobotics Academy will embark on a journey that unlocks their full potential and enhances their educational experience.

Why Choose Us

We stand out as the leading institution for DGCA-certified drone expertise.

DGCA Recognition

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in drone operations and regulations. They're committed to guiding you through every aspect of the training.

Experienced Instructors

We believe in "learning by doing." Our hands-on approach enables you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing your skills and confidence.

Comprehensive Training

Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your skills, our courses cater to all levels of expertise.

Our Clients

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