• Instructor : Mr. Suresh Narayanan
  • Duration : 28 Hours 7 Days

UAV 3D Mapping

3d Mapping Course in Tamil Nadu

Gain knowledge and start performing drone based surveying jobs after finishing this course. You can learn to survey real estate lands, buildings, landscapes and more using drones. Just capture lots of images of a landscape or anything and fuse them all together for an accurate geometrical model. 

3D Mapping is basically Projecting anything on a 3D surface rather than conventional 2D flat surfaces. The objects can be a Car, a Building, Cubes or any other non 2D surface.A technology that can merge real and virtual images. The projection can be as simple as indoor stages or as complex as building and industrial landscapes. 

Pilots interested in creating 3D modelling or learning about construction modelling for a living or how to model landscapes are the most apt one to take up this beta course.

 This course will give you a broad insight on Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote sensing, data acquisition, photogrammetry and so on. It also covers visual photogrammetry, that is the use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between the objects. But today, photogrammetry has wide usage other than surveying and mapping. 

Here, we will teach you to create maps, 3D models, important geographical data and some more related to surveying using drone. Once you finish this course you will be familiar with the types of data that you need to gather  for 3D survey modelling work as well as how to effectively capture images. 

Course Materials

Skywalk Provides Training for Outdoor and Indoor practical Training, Simulator Training for Aerial Photography, Customers Database for Marketing purpose.

  • Pre-Course Material and Freebies When Enroll
  • Book Material and test material

The following resources are used to make this Drone Training Program

Homework Policy

Make them know additional knowledge about Drone Brands, Future Technologies.

Course Qualification
  • Minimum 10th STD
  • Candidate should be studied English Subject at School

Day #1

Introduction : A detail introduction about All

Day #2

DGCA Syllabus : DGCA rules®ulations,Syllabus

Day #3

Drone Business Plaining : Business and Marketing Strategies

Day #4

Aerial Cinematography : Aerial Photo & Video Technics

Day #5

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Day #6

3D Mapping : 3D Mapping Technics

Day #7

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Mr.Suresh Narayanan

Head of Instructor and Aeronautics, Applied Sciences

Mr. Ajith

FPV Master