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Wouldn’t it be cool to have a team of drone experts you can depend on to help you when piloting or business questions, issues, concerns or uncertainties arise? The SWAD PIOLT  community can be that “team” for you.

Why go through all the time and trouble of “flying solo” by piecemealing a-little of this and a-little of that from other communities and trainings?

Instead, join an incredibly vibrant, active and connected “team” (community) of like-minded pilots and business operators who are serious about honing their skills and networking to make the most of their UAV aspirations.

Are you ready to launch?! We’re ready to help.

 Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded people for insider access to interviews, reports, webinars, reviews, tips, tricks, business strategies and expert advice that will take you to the next level as a pilot, and enable you to turn your passion into profit (should you desire).

Flying UAVs can be a lonely life filled with uncertainty, hesitations and a bunch of trial and error.I know when I got started it felt like I was “on an island” when it came to learning how to take my piloting skills to the next level.And since I didn’t have any guidance, it took me a long time to connect with the best experts and tools in the market.Even after finally finding and attending a training course, it was sort of a “wham, bam, thank you mam” experience. Once it was over there was little to no communication with those teaching or attending. I was once again “on an island”, just now with a “certificate.”Hi. I’m Suresh Narayanan, Chief Pilot of SWAD PIOLT . I’m also, and maybe especially, an avid UAV pilot who has turned my passion for flight into a profit, as well as a deep knowledge and expertise in all things related to UAVs. But I’m a lot like you in that ALL of us start from scratch at some point – and boy do I remember being at square one.When I think back on the time (and money) I wasted on books, gear, courses, and systems that weren’t worth squat, it almost makes me sick!

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through any of that!

Welcome to the Fast-track

We welcome you to join the SWAD PILOT drone community and training platform for UAV enthusiasts.At SWAD PIOLT , we focus on getting you the best, most impactful systems, tools, tips, tricks, reports, reviews, webinars, strategies, courses, interviews, and expert advice possible, so you’re not left trying to figure this all out on your own by having to sift through the massive amounts of drone “stuff” out there.Maybe most importantly, it also means having drone experts (who actually have a drone business) available so you can get your questions answered and concerns addressed.This enables you to build the knowledge and connections that are critical to lowering your learning curve, saving you a tremendous amount of time, money, stress and frustration.I’m extremely proud to be a part of it…and even more proud to offer you the chance to join this thriving, private, eager-to-help community.

SWAD PIOLT  Offers You the Easiest, Most Practical Way to Get…

  • The Right Information
  • The Right Wa
  • yAt the Right Time
  • From the Right Experts

Trust me, you could READ LOTS of books, SPEND THOUSANDS on unproven, theory-based courses, SLOG THROUGH page after page of low-quality blog posts, SEARCH ENDLESSLY through free site forums and groups, and WASTE A SMALL FORTUNE on costly trial and error.


The thing is we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here. We’ve just created a better way for you find better training from better experts so you can better skills and become a better drone pilot and/or business owner.

You could even sign up for courses that have actually been tested and designed from real-life experience. And all of that from tried-and-true experts. No fluff and no dumping of worthless information meant to make the provider feel “needed”, while leaving you unsatisfied.

Let’s face it, no real UAV enthusiast has time for fluff, nonsense and a dumping of theoretical information.

If you want the raw info, step-by-step instructions, brutal honesty, access to the experts, and a hyer-active community where you can learn from others constantly (and help others) then you’ve come to the right place.

The Top 10 Things Our Community Loves About SWAD PIOLT …

  1. A thriving, active drone community. Get your questions answered by other drone enthusiasts and numerous drone experts. The philosophy of our group is “Givers Gain.” We have a community that gives abundantly and constantly because they understand that the knowledge gained is priceless.
  2. Archive access to our weekly webinars designed to deepen your knowledge on any number of subjects. Topics are often designed around requests by our members. We also host member-only webinars do help deepen your knowledge in a wide range of areas.
  3. Tips and Tricks that help lower your learning curve and take your piloting skills to the next level.
  4. Product reviews so you are not left wondering what you should (or shouldn’t) buy and/or use with your drone.
  5. Business strategies to take you from passion to profit. Learn from drone business owners who are making six figures flying their drone.
  6. Expert advice, and even access to them, through various easy to use systems.
  7. Continuous trainings produced by SWAD PIOLT and other experts designed around those things you need the most help in.
  8. Interviews with other experts, pilots, owners and contacts. This includes all the latest from the numerous drone conferences.
  9. Hours and hours of courses that will not only teach you how to fly, but also the in-depth skills you need to become an expert pilot. Whether you want to turn your passion into profit or not, you’ll know all you need and more with our course work.
  10. The tools and systems you need to constantly and consistently be learning so your piloting and business skills are ever evolving and growing. This is also critical to maintaining your insurance eligibility and future (potential) certifications.

Plus, when you join now, you’ll have instant access to every piece of content already on the SWAD PIOLT  site. Why pay by the course? That model is old and out of date! As a community member of SWAD PIOLT , you get access to EVERYTHING, now and in the future!

YEARS of research and TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and hours have gone into building this private community of like-minded enthusiasts.

It is truly the best of the best in terms of taking your piloting skills to the next level and learning how to turn your profit into passion.

Why do All That “Figuring Out” Yourself?

As we like to say at SWAD PIOLT , “Trial and error isn’t a strategy…it’s insanity.” I mean really, how much is your time worth to you? It is, after all, the most valuable asset you have.

Think about it…why should you go out and duplicate all the time, effort and expense that has gone into building this thriving community and platform created to help you lower your learning curve? We’ve already gone through all the trial and error for you!

We’ll keep you current and up to date on the constantly evolving world of UAVs, including products, legalities, technology and all the latest tips to keep your piloting sharp (just to name a few).


  • Connecting with a solid group of like-minded enthusiasts to share tips, tricks, and techniques in order to make one another better pilots and business owners.
  • Never again wishing you had help with the who’s, what’s, why’s, how’s and when’s because you’ll now have access to experienced drone experts and pilots.
  • Hearing, watching and reading the latest, most relevant and practical UAV news direct from a myriad of experts who are active pilots and drone business owners.
  • Flying with confidence as you constantly refine your skills and knowledge, while also fully understanding regulatory limitations and realities regarding the use of UAVs.

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