• Instructor : Mr. Suresh Narayanan
  • Duration : 28 Hours 7 Days

FPV Freestyle & Cinematography Training

Robotics Classes in Coimbatore

Are you a traveller or photographer? Do you want to capture your cute golden and thrilling memories in a different way using drones, Here is the course that you have to take up. This FPV Aerial Cinematography course will take you through all the possible stunt shots like rolls, flips, freezes, splits and many more. 

The way our course is structured is with a good comprehensive content, perfect explanation of each topic with an illustration and hands-on flight training which will make you confident enough to fly individually without crashing or any damage. Our classes will be 80:20 ratio practical and theory classes which will surely stimulates the interest and enjoyment in the students. 

Added, you will learn the best drone control, drone safety, advance aerial photography with behind the scenes walkthrough of how to position, fly and capture your subjects in the best possible manner. 

 You will also be trained in DJI Simulator in different modes so that you are confident enough to fly it on the flying site without crashing. We also have our flying site next to our academy for hands-on flying training.

Mostly, in the beginning, people fly without goggles just to get familiar with controls, but at one point you have to wear a good set of goggles for a real FPV experience. We in our academy provides you a pair of goggles during the training for a better experience.

If you are interested in making an FPV drones, you can take up Custom Drone Building course that we offer:)

Course Materials

Skywalk Provides Training for Outdoor and Indoor practical Training, Simulator Training for Aerial Photography, Customers Database for Marketing purpose.

  • Pre-Course Material and Freebies When Enroll
  • Book Material and test material

The following resources are used to make this Drone Training Program

Homework Policy

Make them know additional knowledge about Drone Brands, Future Technologies.

Course Qualification
  • Minimum 10th STD
  • Candidate should be studied English Subject at School

Day #1

Introduction : A detail introduction about All

Day #2

DGCA Syllabus : DGCA rules®ulations,Syllabus

Day #3

Drone Business Plaining : Business and Marketing Strategies

Day #4

Aerial Cinematography : Aerial Photo & Video Technics

Day #5

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Day #6

3D Mapping : 3D Mapping Technics

Day #7

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Mr.Suresh Narayanan

Head of Instructor and Aeronautics, Applied Sciences

Mr. Ajith

FPV Master