First Person View (FPV) is the most unique way of interaction with your aircraft that is unparalleled by anything short of virtual reality. It gives you a whole new level and inspiring view of the world. 

Interested to fly customized FPV drone, this is the place you have to consult for. 

Our FPV professional Drone Pilot Training will gear up with the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert FPV drone pilot with excellent piloting abilities. It is a combination of hands-on flight sessions and simulator training. You will also be trained in different modes in the simulator so that you will be more confident when you fly it above the site/ground. 

FPV drones are becoming a trendsetter in the field of quadcopter technology. Taking up this course will groom you in handling this radio-controlled aircraft in an excellent way. You can shoot extraordinary videos and pictures as this could move in all possible directions. Express your creativity & photography skills while shooting for an excellent pictures and videos.

If you are interested in making FPV drones, you can take up Custom Drone Building course that we offer:)

Theoretical session:

You will get to know the rules and regulations of DGCA in drone technology, do’s and don’ts while flying drones, real-time explanation of drone parts, describing drone market, categories and types of drones and finally the licensing procedure. You will also get to know where all FPV drones have been used and the advantage of having a First Person View (FPV) drone.

Simulator Training:

Get hands-on experience in controlling the RPAS through the 3D simulator. You will fly all types of DJI drones and fields, just to make yourself more confident in flying.

Flight Training:

You will be given on-field flight training to understand the techniques to handle drones and outdoor safety.

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