• Instructor : Mr. Suresh Narayanan
  • Duration : 28 Hours 7 Days

Drone Pilot Training

Professional Drone Pilot Training India

Flying the drone for the first time can be exciting and a bit scary for beginners. Am I going to crash? How far and how high can i fly? How  does the remote control work? How do I take cool pictures and videos ? Will I be paid to fly my drone?

If you have gone through all these questions, this is the course that you have to take up. We will take you through all the basics in professional drone pilot training.

You can gain advanced piloting skills by flying different models of professional drones. Also, experience high end 3D simulator training & practical training.

Our professional Drone Pilot Training will gear up with the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert drone pilot with excellent piloting abilities. It is a combination of hands-on flight sessions and classroom simulator training. 

This course will be a broad-gauge class that incorporates everything needed to know that it makes you a proficient Remote Pilot. It’s not just to make you memorize the answers and passing the test, it’s all about to make you an educated drone pilot who can plan and implement safe missions.

Once you are done with this course completely, you will be given a certificate  and with that you can move forward for any advanced course like Aerial Cinematography, 3D mapping and lot more..

Course Materials

Skywalk Provides Training for Outdoor and Indoor practical Training, Simulator Training for Aerial Photography, Customers Database for Marketing purpose.

  • Pre-Course Material and Freebies When Enroll
  • Book Material and test material

The following resources are used to make this Drone Training Program

Homework Policy

Make them know additional knowledge about Drone Brands, Future Technologies.

Course Qualification
  • Minimum 10th STD
  • Candidate should be studied English Subject at School

Day #1

Introduction : A detail introduction about All

Day #2

DGCA Syllabus : DGCA rules®ulations,Syllabus

Day #3

Drone Business Plaining : Business and Marketing Strategies

Day #4

Aerial Cinematography : Aerial Photo & Video Technics

Day #5

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Day #6

3D Mapping : 3D Mapping Technics

Day #7

Practical Training : Whole Day Practical Drone Training

Mr.Suresh Narayanan

Head of Instructor and Aeronautics, Applied Sciences

Mr. Ajith

FPV Master