Who We Are :

Skywalk Drobotics Academy is the First Drone Academy provide  Drone Training in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, which also provides  UAV  (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)  Training in Tamil Nadu.

Skywalk Drobotics Academy It is different from other Educational Institutions by providing “Beyond Learning” Experience  And practical Educational.

We believe that beyond learning takes place when a student is allowed to discover the underlying principles through a hands-on, experimental, practical learning model.

By providing opportunities to be engaged in a learning process that excitesenergizes, and exposes them to a wide variety of skills and concepts,

Skywalk Drobotics Academy students will discover a path that will enable them to realize their potential and have a more productive education.

What we do !

As there are very few Drones and Robotics certified institution in India, we came up with an idea to open the Skywalk Robotics Academy.

As we all know, Agriculture is the backbone of India, is in urgent need of improvement we thought why we don’t let farmers see their fields from the sky.

The Drones availability is not prominent in India, priced the higher side. With a growing economy that has a higher demand for STEM fields,
the next generation must learn how they can make a difference in their world.

That’s why Skywalk Robotics Academy offers a variety of classes and workshops that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Robotics camps and classes allow students to dive deep into the world of robotics and explore how computer programming and robot design can solve problems big and small!.

In the future, we have planned to expand by making drones available to ordinary people by introducing Drone Sales & Services.

Student Engagement and success are the most critical result we deliver. We achieve it through expert faculty and staff, an opportunity for life learning experiences personal developments
and appropriate support and services that are timely targeted to individual student need.


We aspire to become an outstanding and recognized knowledge producing body in the field of Unmanned Drones & Robotics (STEM).

We provide an excellent atmosphere where every individual is valued and aim to build a next generation of leaders to fulfill their dreams through the Experience of Beyond Learning.


The Mission is to create a community of young engineers focused on utilizing newer technologies to develop human-friendly and assisting devices.

Our programs are focused on providing UAV training with 3D Mapping and Aerial Photography. Robotic offerings educate the students, photographers, farmers, technology leaders, and entrepreneurs who will learn and practice the use of the UAV systems in the future.